Medical Student Syndrome

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Medical Student Syndrome

During their medical education, students must learn syndromes or symptom lists of various rare and malevolent diseases. As they read about these diseases, students are susceptible to believing that they exhibit a symptom or sign associated with the disease.


For example, the student reads about brain tumour which is associated with headache . If, by coincidence, the individual suffers from a headache, he or she may presume they have a brain tumour. It is not limited to medical students; anyone who reads medical material is susceptible. However, it is most frequently observed in medical students.

An old adage states: "if a medical student hears hoof-beats outside the window they think it's a zebra" - in other words they conclude that the common sound is ascribable to the rarer beast. As one continues in clinical medicine , the opposing adage: "common things occur commonly" becomes a more valuable motto.

The spread of the syndrome

This syndrome is becoming more common as people use the Internet and come to their doctors anxiously clutching various print-outs of rare disease symptoms, whereas probably all they have is something common and benign. It is part of the downside of the free and opulent information flow available on-line, especially where that information is either of dubious quality or is accessed by an amateur who cannot temper the information with a reasoned and informed opinion.

[Example of stress]

Sometimes, language is the main problems for medical student because not all terms from Britain or America but mix of them, or from American Latin, old language and many more. Tough question papers need the student to be more actively searching and gain informations from library, not just a book but 4 to 5 until 10 books just one question.

Insomnia? Its normal for medical students. Normal? Yes, its normal an don't be shock if they smoke [not all of medical students smoke. Just a few of them]. Parental pressure and many more. Lack of rest because they need more information and also try to memorize lots of terms in medical terms.

p/s: They need more energy. Really tired, exhausted everyday.


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