Airmien - Come This Far

You have come this far, 
don't give up now.
A step to finish it all.

Across the seas, across the rivers.
Long journey with tears and fears,
even flood and thunder.

It's only a step to reach your goal.
Aim the destination, disobey all
annoying things along your pathway.
Even there're lots of peoples with
different cultures, different background.

Rich, poor, middle class friends.
Even they never know what the inner
part of you; in your soul, in your mind.
[In your soul, in your mind]

Face the obstacles, not avoid.
Face the obstacles, not avoid.
Face the obstacles, not avoid.
[In your soul, in your mind]

Thousand steps left behind.
Why always think about the past?
Just let it go, just forget it over.
Don't let sad moments ruined your life.
[Just left behind, just left behind.]

Face your obstacles, catch your dreams.
Forget the sorrow, put smile on your face.
Close your eyes, let your inner mind speak.
Guide the lines, guide your dreams.
[Just follow your dreams, just follow your dreams]


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