Group Presentation For Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory 1

Topic and Subtopic for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory 1 (Group B)

PARASITOLOGY [presentation 9/7/2012]

Group A: Amoebiasis 

Group B: Filariasis

Group C: Malaria

PHYSIOLOGY [presentation 2/7/2012]

Group F: Introduction and interpretation of 12-lead ECG

Group G: Physiological or common & training related ECG changes among athletes

Group H: Pathological or uncommon & training unrelated ECG changes among athletes

Group I: Based on at least any 2 (TWO) journals, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pre-participation screening using 12-lead ECG in preventing sudden cardiac death among athletes

FORENSIC SCIENCES [presentation 27/8/2012]

Group J: Role of each forensic laboratory section that may involve in the case investigation

Group K: Challenges faced by the forensic team in performing DNA analysis and solving the case

Group L: The process involved in crime scene reconstruction of the case.

Group M: The application of Locard’s Exchange Principle and Principle of Individuality in forensic investigation.

Notes: Import date for group presentation as below;

[presentation : 2/7/2012]

[presentation : 9/7/2012]

[presentation : 27/8/2012]

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