The Effect of Various of Administration (Oral, Intravenous and Intraperitoneal Route)

Title: The Effect of Various of Administration (Oral Route, Intravenous Route and Intarperitoneal Route)


1. To study the effects of different route of administration of drugs in mice.
2. To determine the onset of action and duration of action of Pentobarbital Sodium in mice via different route of adinistration.


1. The onset of action and duration of action of drugs depends on the route of administration.

2. For example, when drug is given by intravenous (IV) route, the effect can be seen instantly, as compared to oral route administration of drugs, it takes up to one hour to see the effects.


1. Weigh the animal and numbered them by making mark on the tail. Normally not always, mice have the weight ranging from 15-20 grams. It is important to know the weight, as appropriate dosage of drugs given is based on the weight.

2. Divide them into 3 groups. Each group containing 5 members of mice. In oral route, the drug is given with the help of oral tube. Always bear in mind that oral tube should never hit the other region such as trachea. This may kill the mice. Beside, do not administrate large volume as the stomach of the mice is small. For the intravenous route, the drug is administered to the dorsal vein of the tail. For intraperitoneal route, the drug is given by injection to the abnormal region.

3. Note down the time of injection (TI) and the time of onset of the action of drug; that's when the mice started to fall asleep. Also note down the time of normal position and note down the time of recovery.

4. Calculate the duration of the action.

Mice from cage and then weight it

Oral Route

Intraperitoneal Route

Other group perform the intravenous route

After injected at peritoneal and then we observe the result on the mice

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