~*Running in the rain*~

One day I was running in the rain
Having all my burdens and pains

Unable to see as everything was dark
I was finding the way in the light of spark

Cars were passing me side by side
I asked everyone, can you give me a ride???

They replied we can�t as this is all your fate
And I was in dilemma to love them or hate

Tears on my face were mixing with rain
All my efforts were going in vain

I felt so fear and I felt alone
Pain of loneliness diffused in to bones

All of a sudden a thought warmth my brain
As a cup of coffee in acute strain

I closed my eyes and said Oh Allah Kareem!!
Shower your blessings indeed You are Raheem

And what I saw when I opened my eyes
Believe!!There was a rainbow in blue skies

Everything was shining and looking bright
Is it really me who was shivering with fright?

Yes!! It�s only Allah who gives us peace
With every hardship there is an ease

Source: [BlueDanube] ~*Running in the rain*~

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